Try This Tip! Graphite to Dust Visualization

There's a very simple and powerful visualization for letting go of negative emotions that may feel lodged inside your body. It can also relieve stress. You can use it anytime you stand up and walk anywhere, outdoors or indoors, including taking a break from work and walking away from your desk. Read the instructions in full first. Then, when you’re ready...

1. Stand up and close your eyes with your chin parallel to the floor. Envision your entire body filled with hard, black graphite. No bones, no organs, all you see is graphite. The graphite represents everything that makes you rigid - ego, anger, frustration, defensiveness, fear, doubt, or whatever else bothers you.

2. Hold that image for five seconds, focusing on the black rigidity inside your body.

3. Then take your attention to the interior of your head at eye level. Suddenly, all the graphite turns to fine black dust and crumbles below your feet/shoes - entirely out of your body.

4. Open your eyes. Now you see light. Imagine that the inside of your body is now clear, empty and light, just like the open space around you.

5. Start walking and walk as long as you want with that vision of your inner body as empty and light.

Once you’ve done this a few times, you may not need the first 5 second phase. Just envision a quick crumble and start walking!

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