The Simplest Secret to Peace and Happiness
A Workshop for Seniors

Most of us go through life on an emotional rollercoaster driven by events and circumstances.

We don’t notice something very basic and helpful, especially to seniors who can do fewer of things they once enjoyed, or are coping with serious illness:

No matter how upset you might feel about a situation, your health or life in general, something within you feels just fine.
If you’re feeling afraid, lonely or sad, something within you knows feel afraid, lonely or sad. But it’s none of those things. It’s just fine.
And for however long you effortlessly pay enough attention to and explore it – eyes open, alone or in any situation – you’ll feel just fine, too.
The more OFTEN you pay attention to and EXPLORE it, the more you will experience peace and happiness, and watch anxiety and stress fade away, even if you can’t get out of bed.

Many people think it takes decades of practicing mindfulness, meditation and Yoga to find it.

The truth is, it’s hiding in plain sight. It couldn’t be easier to locate. And what to do next is effortless.

In the Simplest Secret to Peace and Happiness Workshop for Seniors, I teach Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness. It is closely derived from a tradition with the same ancient roots as mindfulness.

But it's a minimalist approach that bypasses all mind/body practices and takes you straight to the source of lasting happiness and the essence of who you are. It's been working for centuries, helping people to:


Hi, I'm Bruce Corwin

In 2012, my mother had mid-stage Alzheimer’s when she died in her sleep, probably from a stroke.

I was devastated. She was my favorite person.

I’ll always remember the tender moments we shared the last few times I visited her, when she was forgetful but lucid.

Those visits reinforced how priceless every moment is, at any stage of life.