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How Artificial Intelligence is Shoving Us Toward Inner Peace

What AI would envy about humans if it could envy

 Why Talk Therapy Isn’t Solving America’s Happiness Crisis

There is an inherent problem with trying to love, forgive or affirm yourself: Are you the "lover" or the "loved?" There is only one of you. Here's where to look.

Empathy made simple: How to embrace someone who sees things differently

It's been said that we share far too much in common as human beings to disdain each other for different beliefs. Here's how to actually feel it.

Why Mindfulness or Meditation Won't Give You Lasting Happiness Quickly, if Ever. The Simplest, Fastest Approach to What Will.

Mindfulness and meditation are healthy, beneficial practices with numerous benefits. But with most forms of them, attaining lasting happiness can take decades of rigorous practice, if all goes well. There's a simple reason, and a simple alternative.

The Most Important Decision You Can Ever Make About Happiness (and How it Relates to COVID-19)

COVID-19 makes us think about how precious life is. If you make one decision, you may find life is more precious than you thought.

The Two Tiers of Happiness: Are You On Top?

When it comes to happiness, we're settling for less without knowing we're settling. There's a higher tier of happiness that not many people ever experience or know exists -- but it's readily accessible to everyone.

10 Reasons Why There's No Such Thing as Meaningless Sex

Why you couldn't have meaningless sex if you tried.

How to Not Freak Out About the Coronavirus. Or Anything Else.

We tend to worry about small things that never happen, and if they do, they're not as bad as we thought. Coronavirus is happening, and it's worse than we thought. There's an incredibly simple way to dramatically reduce anxiety -- or almost any negative emotion -- in this situation or any other with a single thought.

How to Make a Compliment Last a Lifetime

Character compliments mean so much - and they are not forgotten.

To Pay Better Attention, Don't Put it All in One Place

You have more than enough attention to put a little of it in one place and a lot of it in another for better focus and a more relaxing day.

Was That Convenience Store Cashier Also A Buddha?

A convenience store cashier who was always happy said something so profound one night that I wondered whether he was a Buddha. In fact, I did a careful analysis. See what conclusion I reached, and tell me if you agree.

How and How Not to Be Happy by Helping Others

The 6 words to ask yourself to determine whether you're helping someone or making things worse for both of you.

Try This Tip! Graphite to Dust Visualization

Dissolve negative emotions and stress with this simple visualization, which you can use anytime, anywhere. It will literally help you "lighten up!"

How to Stop Caring What Someone Thinks of You

Ever find yourself ruminating over what someone else thinks of you? Here's a way to rise above it every time.

The Simple Antidote for Loneliness in the Loneliness Epidemic

Feeling togetherness when you're all by yourself

The Most Meaningful Date of All Time

How Match.com gave birth to MeaningOfLife.com.