A Simple Alternative or Ideal Complement to Mindfulness

The Simplest Secret to Lasting Happiness and Stress Relief

 A Workshop for Companies and Organizations

Countless companies and organizations wisely offer Mindfulness workshops and programs to help their people reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and boost overall health and wellness.

Mindfulness helps many people. It’s a step in the right direction. But it's not for everyone, not by a longshot.

Despite near-universal praise in the media, Mindfulness has its limitations.

The Limitations of Mindfulness

Why do millions of people seek a simple alternative to Mindfulness, or a practice that complements it with different benefits?

  • Difficulty: Many people find Mindfulness just too hard. Even Mindful magazine calls it “Easier said than done.”
  • Darkness: Mindfulness’ frequent emphasis on eyes-closed meditation is a non-starter for people who lack the time, patience or comfort level.
  • Desirability: Mindfulness is often promoted primarily for symptom relief, especially stress. For many people, that’s not enough upside. 
  • Delay: Substantially reducing stress and anxiety, and improving focus, can require months of diligent practice. Due to how Mindfulness uses attention, it can take decades to provide lasting peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Introducing Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness
and Stress-Free Success

Happiness in the United States was nearly at a 50-year low before COVID, in 2018. If Mindfulness, meditation and yoga (or talk therapy, for that matter) were going to reverse that trend, it would have happened by now.

I mean no disrespect. They are wonderful practices with many benefits. But most forms of them just aren't built for giving us lasting happiness quickly.

Fortunately, an approach with the same ancient yogic origins as Mindfulness is resurfacing thanks to its simplicity, portability, minimal time commitment and amazingly fast results.

Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness and Stress-Free Success (“Reverse Mindfulness”) is a simple, ultra-practical adaptation of this ancient yogic teaching, optimized and condensed for busy Western professionals. How does it help your people and your business?

  • Promotes lasting happiness that makes life and work fun again
  • Instantly short-circuits stress and anxiety
  • Increases productivity, creativity and clarity of thought by helping you regularly work “in the zone.” 
  • Fosters collaboration and curtails conflict thanks to a deep sense of connection to others
  • Enhances confidence from being anchored in the ultimate source of strength

Mindfulness and Reverse Mindfulness:
Two sides of the same coin

Mindfulness and Reverse Mindfulness share ancient Indian roots. 

They both draw their effectiveness from the power of attention.

They recognize awareness, not the mind, as our essential self and the source of lasting peace and happiness.

They just send our attention in “opposite directions” -- onto whatever we’re aware of vs. what is aware of it.

Most of us spend 100% of our time focusing on we’re aware of: Sights, sounds, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Mindfulness does that with greater intensity and alertness. Most forms of meditation and yoga also focus on specific things: our breath, energy, memories, images, mantras, etc.

The simple alternative is reversing your attention.

Being mindful of what’s being mindful. Paying attention to what’s paying attention. Being aware of what is aware, of awareness itself. 

If that sounds difficult, rest assured, it’s practically effortless. Even Mindful magazine describes Mindfulness as "easier said than done."

There are different ways to practice Reverse Mindfulness. Basic knowledge and insights greatly enhance its power.

But its core is reversing your attention onto what is inherently peaceful and happy within you.

If you could do that, why would you want to focus on anything else? You don't even need to close your eyes.

Mindfulness can be effective at reducing what we want LESS of, like stress, anxiety and distraction in the near term.

Reverse Mindfulness rapidly delivers what we want MORE of, like lasting peace and happiness, crystal-clarity of mind, and feeling fulfilled and "complete" regardless of events, outcomes and circumstances.

Reverse Mindfulness is also relaxing and MUCH EASIER than Mindfulness.

The Simple Source of Lasting Peace and Happiness and Freedom from Stress

In the West, awareness is typically overlooked and dismissed as a function.

In many Eastern traditions, including Mindfulness, meditation and yoga, it's a totally different story

For thousands of years, awareness has been rightly recognized as our true nature and very essence: peaceful, happy, inherently fulfilled and devoid of stress and anxiety.

I don’t mean “self-awareness” to help us act appropriately in certain situations. Nor some exotic

awareness accessible only to gurus, mystics and yogis. That doesn’t exist.

I mean the “ordinary” awareness with which we wash the dishes, walk the dog or recognize what we think and feel.

What seems ordinary is just the surface, or access point, to who we really are, how we want to feel every day, and our deepest source of intelligence and ideas.

It’s a matter of how deeply we experience it. The access point couldn’t be easier to find.

Nothing makes more intuitive sense than this: If you know the source of lasting peace and happiness -- and the effortless flow of thought and creativity that puts you "in the zone" -- then pay some attention directly to it, rather than to everything EXCEPT it 100% of the time!

What Participants Will Learn at the Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness and Stress-Free Success Webinar*

  • 6 techniques in Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness and Stress-Free Success
  • How to instantly short-circuit stress and anxiety
  • Basic teachings about awareness, explored through experience
  • How to master control of your thoughts and emotions, even in the moment - 2 approaches
  • How to work “in the zone” on a regular basis
  • Phrases to remember to stay on track or rein in your mind when it goes astray
  • The real problem:  Most stress and negativity isn’t situational; it’s self-created and easily preventable

* The standard webinar consists of two 60-minute sessions a week apart, which allows participants to practice, get feedback and ask questions. I also offer a condensed, single 60-minute session, and a four-session extended program, with content adjusted based on duration.

Hi, I'm Bruce Corwin

As a former Goldman Sachs VP, Congressional speechwriter, wellness executive, advisor to C-Suite executives and a Harvard graduate, I’ve worked with and known  unbelievably talented people working under enormous pressure to deliver impossible results within ridiculous time frames.

Usually, that was no problem -- the easy part.

They and their teams reckoned with personal questions that weren't quite as clear-cut:

Was it more satisfying than stressful? Was it just a means to early retirement and a beach house, or a fulfilling end in itself?  Did it make them happy, or just keep them busy?

The answers seemed to range from “worth doing” to “very satisfying” – for as long as that lasted.

But no achievement, activity, relationship or other external pursuit brought them the lasting peace and happiness that all of us want.

I know that because it has never happened. Not once, to anyone. I had to discover that for myself, with an extra challenge.

From ages 12-23, I led a very challenging, illness-ridden life linked to an undiagnosed genetic condition. In 1988, my resistance collapsed and I fell into an extreme depression.

Fortunately, it prompted me to find the right treatment. I finally felt “normal.” But normal seemed to mean riding an emotional rollercoaster driven by events and circumstances with almost everyone else. I wanted something better.

Alongside a demanding career in communications and eventual family life, I explored how lasting happiness is pursued worldwide through approaches such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, positive psychology, ancient spiritual teachings and more.  It was a fun but unremarkable hobby for 20 years.

Then, on a November Sunday in 2008, I had a mind-bending, wonderful, spontaneous experience that medical science can’t explain.

I was driving home as usual when the world seemed to blossom into vivid colors. Even lampposts and road signs seemed vibrant and alive. Something had shifted; I wasn't sure what.

Within 48 hours, I realized that a lifelong, disruptive stress condition in my heart had vanished, never to return.

Even more bizarre, when I focused on an object, I felt a pressing sensation between my eyebrows and an unearthly sense of peace and “oneness” with the space around it. 

The “eyebrow center” is the location of the “third spiritual eye” in some Eastern traditions. Courtesy of Google, I soon learned that it's associated with deeper states of consciousness, wisdom, intuition and more.

Well, that got my attention. I remember thinking, "Maybe I should take this hobby a little more seriously."

Fast forward to 2019. I had been teaching a popular wellness and spirituality workshop for a few years.

I couldn’t imagine feeling any better. (I was soon pleasantly surprised.) But for my clients, I still didn’t have a magic bullet for lasting happiness.

One day, I came across videos of the simplest of all ancient yogic traditions (no stretching involved). I watched in disbelief. “Thirty years," I said to myself. "I thought I’d seen it all. How did I miss this? It's so simple, powerful and... obvious."

This was the magic bullet. But I knew it wouldn't be obvious to everyone. Most people who “got it” had also tried almost everything else, as I had.

I call the general approach “reversing attention.”  I spent over a year studying different approaches to reversing attention.

With much outside input, l created a condensed program that is more experiential, visual and simple – more from the heart than the head – than the original, and adapted it for a business audience. Today, it's called Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness and Stress-Free Success.

I believe reversing attention will eventually become more prevalent than mindfulness. It's easier, faster, 100% portable, involves no eyes-closed meditation (mindfulness programs often do) and yields what most of us want above all: lasting peace, happiness and  fulfillment that doesn't depend on events and circumstances.

As of now, Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness and Stress-Free Success stands alone as the best specific approach to reversing attention tailored to Western professionals.

If you are interested in cultivating a more productive, profitable, creative and collaborative workforce eager to go the extra mile to exceed its goals, please click the tab below to set up a time for us to talk.


“Bruce doesn't teach you to think positive as a temporary state of mind. He teaches you to feel positive - happy and fulfilled - as a way of life. He helped me increase focus and productivity in my career and experience enjoyment in life."

Peter Colbert, Realtor, Wine Country Colbert Group

"It is so easy to be derailed by negative thoughts and conditioned behavior in work and life, and very challenging to get back on track. Bruce gave me vital tools, techniques and advice that have given me greater tranquility, happiness and wellness.”

Michael Sinkin, DDS, New York City

“I have struggled throughout my life with pervasive negative thoughts. Bruce gave me simple, effective tools that I use to transform my mood and feel better immediately. What he will teach you is truly transformational. It can improve how you think, feel and work every day."

Laura Welch, Principal Strategist, Advanced Systems and Engineering, LGW Enterprises, LLC

“Bruce doesn’t teach you to think positive as a temporary state of mind. He teaches you to feel positive - happy and fulfilled - as a way of life. Positive thinking then comes naturally. He helped me increase focus, productivity and a sense of purpose in my career, which led to more enjoyment in my life. Bruce is is savvy and knows all the tricks of the trade in business, which was important, as I am a born skeptic."

Peter Colbert
Realtor, Compass
California Wine Country

“I worked with Bruce, sometimes around the clock, when he was the Communications Director at a leading technology firm. His skills in communication, conflict resolution, dealing with C-Suite executives are exceptional.   He's a natural executive mentor. In his current role,  I saw a whole different side of him. He gave me a powerful framework for examining my life, truly assessing what I want it to mean, and finding lasting happiness.

Lisa Aurichio
BSYA Associates, a communications company
Cranford, New Jersey

“I have struggled throughout my life with pervasive negative thoughts. Bruce gave me simple, effective tools that I use to transform my mood and feel better immediately. I’m not usually a consumer of “self help,” but I’d recommend working with Bruce to anyone. What he will teach you is truly transformational. It can improve how you feel, think and work every day.”

Laura Welch
Principal Strategist
LGW Enterprises, LLC
Advanced Systems and Engineering

“It is so easy to become derailed by our own negative thoughts and conditioned behavior in work and life, and very challenging to get back on track. Bruce gave me vital tools, techniques and advice that have given me greater tranquility, happiness and wellness.”

Michael L. Sinkin DDS
New York, NY
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