10 Reasons Why There's No Such Thing as Meaningless Sex

Ever have “meaningless sex?”

If you think so, you're off the hook, because it doesn’t exist.

Meaning is a versatile world with several definitions. At MeaningOfLife.com, we usually approach any discussion about the Meaning of Life or the importance of meaning with the utmost gravity.

But it's Friday, and time for a break. In fact, I'm giving a break to anyone who ever had "meaningless sex" with another consenting adult and feels the least bit guilty:  

I'm declaring the phrase “meaningless sex” discredited and defunct.

Those old enough to know better understand the difference between making love, having sex, and with apologies to Nike, just doing it. The Nike version may be shallow and cringe-worthy in the rear-view mirror, especially the morning after. But what did it mean?

1.     You were heart-healthy enough for short-term strenuous activity.

2.     Striking a blow for sustainability, you saved three minutes of battery life by turning off your phone and the light.

3.     If you can’t find someone to go home with by 2am, you should stop trying.

4.     Alcohol still works.

5.     So do beer goggles

6.     You were more resourceful in coping with boredom than playing Monopoly against yourself.

7.     You can’t trip on strings when none are attached.

8.     Every moment can’t be your proudest moment.

9.     You revived the debate, "Should you really try everything once?"

10.   It’s time to get a real date.

I’m not condoning, justifying or judging such encounters. But if you've ever had “meaningless sex,” no, you haven't.  


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