How to Stop Caring What Someone Thinks of You

One of the hardest things in the world to change is what someone else thinks of you. I've learned this from experience, and so have you!

By all means, try your best at persuasion with a positive demeanor. Try a few times. Why not?

But with some people, it's just not going to happen. The more you dispute what they think, the more defensive and entrenched they get.

It can eat away at you if you ruminate over what you see as their unjustified or illogical perception of you.

You might still ruminate about someone you haven't seen in many years - parent, ex-spouse or partner, boss, friend, etc.

What can you do to stop caring and let go?

Rise above them. Visually.

Envision being five feet above the person who has a negative opinion of you. You're floating directly over them and gazing straight down. You feel nice and light up there.

Envision that person talking to someone else. It can be someone you know or don't know.

Just observe the conversation, looking at the tops of their heads.

You can't hear what they're saying. There are other sounds in the room. The conversation isn't necessarily about you.

Do this for as brief or as long a period as you want.

Why is this visualization is effective? Because it helps you realize that your world is bigger and broader than just them. They're just people with some ideas in their heads that they're chatting about. So what? Everyone can think what they want.

When you're around them or with them - literally on the same level - their perception of you might feel oppressive, especially if you're a "pleaser."

But envisioning looking down on their crowns takes their power and mystique away (if they have mystique). If you can see their roots or bald spots, that's even better! It makes them all the more human.

But the goal isn't to get the best of them, or look down at them with scorn or contempt. It's about insignificance. They think, they talk, it's fine, so what?

Use this any time you catch yourself dwelling on being "looked down on." When you rise above, you'll lighten up. Enjoy!

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